Lashweb is a wholesale and retail business specializing in world-class eyelashes. In an industry that is always evolving, we bring beauty-lovers the lashes they crave without compromising on price or quality.To stay one step ahead in the beauty industry, promising cruelty-free, vegan, and latex-free lashes and glue that create a better world.

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Synthetic Mink Eyelashes

Change your lash game and enjoy these DIVA look lashes.

"Our Happy Customers"

Most natural looking lashes that I have ever used, compared to other brands! Definetely recommend! :)

Karolin Paist

I have used so many different eyelashes ans Lashweb's eyelashes are one of the best so far. I have used one pair up to 10 times. Also their service is awesome! I do recommend Lashweb :)

Natalja Zjuzkova @Nataljazzzzzz

Lashweb has the best glue for individual and strip lashes.
It will last all day and all night if needed :D

Liis Rehemaa @mualizzyr

“Jumestajana olen igapäevaselt kunstripsmete kasutaja. Minu kollektsioonist leiab ainult Lashwebi ripsmetutikuid ning ribaripsmeid. Aastaid olen juba olnud täielik fänn. Pole seni leidnud teist brändi kellel oleks sama hea ripsmetutikute valik. Erinevad pikkused, tihedused ja kaared. Nendega on võimalik teha kõiki võimalikke looke. Sealhulgas ripsmeliim on veel hüpoallergeenne. Samuti ribaripsmete puhul on mõeldud kõigi peale, valik on meeletu!❤️

Ann Jennifer Veedler

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